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DeCluttered Blog Post Pic-1Household Decluttered, Inspired New Blog

Well I Organized my household. I had to unload my mind because, visual clutter is mental clutter. This had to happen before I could concentrate and be creative with blogging.

I don’t know about you, but when there is visual clutter in my life, that becomes a distraction. The clutter needed to go as soon as possible. Then the ideas could flow.

I knew I wanted to start a new blog. How to do that depended on the brain matter that I had to focus with. I couldn’t possibly focus on a new blog until my ducks were in a row.

Figuring out my blog’s purpose!

My new blog started organically. I had to look at my house with a fresh set of eyes and then the ideas started to come.

So I scrubbed and cleaned and dealt with piles. Then kept, tossed, and donated items. An amazing thing happened, I strategically decluttered my household like a boss.

Yeah, like a boss!

I have treated my household like a business since I had children. This came from being a boss in my previous career as a Hairdresser. After building up several books of business. 

I have been a stay at home Mom for the last 15 years. This has taught me alot about my household and myself. Sharing about these topics come naturally.

How did I start?

I decluttered my household one room & closet at a time and continue to do that today to maintain. I thought I can’t possibly pile a blog on top of trying to even get my household together.

So I streamlined the thought process by taking away my mental roadblocks.

But that was the Ah-Ha Moment!

I have learned in order to concentrate on projects for myself, that I have to get the toxins out. The mental toxins that is. 

It’s amazing how much visual clutter can become mental clutter. When I took care of business, then and only then, could I concentrate on pursuing a blog. I approach my household like a business. 

And I am the boss of it. Not of my hubby or of my kids, but my household! Hence, Household Boss was born.

Household Boss Blogging

It took about 2 weeks & here is how I did it:
  • I took inventory of my household, what was working, what was not! 
  • Proceeded to go thru each room, each closet.
  • Kept, Tossed,  & Donated to Goodwill, about 15 bags of clothes, stuffed animals and such. 
  • Put systems in place bins, baskets, etc. continually adding to and replacing what is and is not working.
  • It took me 4 hours every day to sort one room. I started with a small section at a time, to have small victories decluttered throughout the day.
  • Each room was cleaned and deodorized.
  • Ahh, I stood back and admired my work. This was key to my success which turned to motivation to blog!
  • Now it’s easy to keep my household maintained. 
Now for the blog part:
  • I got myself an account with Bluehost and chose my domain name
  • Loaded WordPress onto bluehost this was extremely easy.
  • Bought myself a really nice theme that I can customize, Theme X is what I have chosen. I got it here at
  • Narrowed down colors for blog, I love raspberry, but my tastes change so it may be different tomorrow!
  • Narrowed down fonts for blog.
  • Played with graphics for my photos in Photoshop. 
  • Downloaded beautiful photos from Barn Images. Great customer service!
  • Signed up to be an affiliate for several companies, to make some moolah, of course. Transparency is how I roll!

Well until next time… 

Enjoy, Christina 

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Next Post, The Process to Start Blogging! I break down The 5 W’s and how to break through your own Blogging barriers.

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